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Matt Bomer about parenthood [mediafire]

Question as translated by the translator: How do you live your parenthood … your fatherhood?

Matt: All that into that? [Editor: That long question became that short question??]

Question: Yeah! She introduced it being… [Editor: The translator did not include the questioner giving a story or example. Her question is basically something about how he feels about parenting or what his parenting philosophy is or how being a father has changed him.]

Matt: Wow! Oh, yeah, oh gotcha. I mean, to me, parenthood is… I feel like I learn as much from our children as they — as I’m able to teach to them. Um, and I try to … You know, I think one of the amazing things that you realize — that helps with your authenticity as an artist…. And you know, it goes along with this festival of [the theme of] “Be Different”…. We have three sons, and they’re all completely different, with the exact same upbringing, and they’re so authentic and so truthful, and that’s very inspiring to me as a parent. But my job, I feel, is to try to be present and give them the structure that they need to thrive in the world but also never fence them in so much that they lose that identity that they come into the world with.

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